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What Would Jesus Do about Domestic Violence and Abuse Towards Christian Women by Dr. Chloe Cummings, D.B.S.

What Would Jesus Do about Domestic Violence and Abuse Towards Christian Women

by Dr. Chloe Cummings, D.B.S.

284 pages
Gives specific things Jesus did in abusive and violent situations.

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Category: Self Help:Relationships
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About the Book
What Would Jesus Do about Domestic Violence and Abuse towards Christian Women is a biblically-based book that provides specific answers to church leaders, counselors, victims and others, about how they should respond to domestic violence and abuse towards Christian women.

Exploring such things as Jesus’ personal experiences with abuse and violence, His ministry to others who were victims, His response and behavior towards the religious (and other) abusers of His day, and the success which Jesus had in His approach to both victim and abuser, this book uses Jesus’ actions as a model for successfully addressing or dealing with domestic violence and abuse issues.

The author shows that the same sins which constitute violence and abuse on the home front are the same sins which Jesus dealt with in the public arena. Because of the religious overtones in the emotional, spiritual, verbal, psychological, and other abuses which Jesus experienced, the model Jesus presents in dealing with domestic violence and abuse is especially relevant to victims who have a Christian or a strong religious background.

The book lists dozens of abuses which Jesus and the victim of domestic violence have in common. It shows how Jesus sees the victim of abuse, and how Jesus responded to victims in different instances. It identifies: 26 specific things Jesus did in abuse situations, how Jesus related to the abuser(s), and how Jesus addressed the specific sins which comprise abuse. The book also features 77 cases in which Jesus demonstrated specific behaviors in response to abuse and violence related to both victims and abusers.

The book sites hundreds of scriptural references with contextual and critical explanation to help the reader better understand what Jesus meant when He said or did certain things. This helps the reader to better filter his or her own encounter and experience with abuse (whether emotional, spiritual, verbal, psychological, financial, physical, or otherwise) through the lens of the Scripture.

The author also uses several studies done on domestic violence and abuse to support, and to give a better understanding of the nature of domestic violence and abuse.

Each chapter of What Would Jesus Do about Domestic Violence and Abuse towards Christian Women is sectioned in bite-sized pieces. First, a particular topic or issue is addressed using real situations, biblical examples, and/or case studies. Afterwords the author tells specifically what Jesus would do in relationship to that issue, and then proves the point by citing several cases or scenarios where Jesus responded in said manner. This pattern gives the evidence to support or back-up the biblical action which is being presented.
The book also has a “WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) Quick Reference Guide” and an extensive reference and note section at the back of the book.

Some of the things which Jesus did are very surprising and the book ends with some biblical and real-life stories of violent and abusive situations where Jesus’ actions were put into play and the successful outcome of these actions, even if they are unconventional.



About the Author
Dr. Chloe Cummings, D.B.S. Leaving behind her past as a victim of domestic abuse in a “Christian” marriage, Dr. Chloe is a professional educator, founder of the Back to the Bible Counseling Center in Essex, Maryland, publisher of Call to Victory e-zine, writer for several venues and a sought-after speaker in the Christian community.



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