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Feng Shui Keys - Selecting The Perfect Home & Office by Louis Audet

Feng Shui Keys - Selecting The Perfect Home & Office

by Louis Audet

146 pages
Feng Shui home buying for harmony, wealth, and good health.

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Category: Health
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About the Book
Feng Shui Keys will forever change the way real estate is evaluated in this country. Every home buyer, businessman, Realtor and architect should read this book before searching to buy or lease a home or office. Easy to understand and clearly illustrated, Feng Shui Keys will show you how to analyze property like a Feng Shui expert.

In the midst of foreclosures and lost fortunes, this timely book is definitely the one to buy and read before planning any real estate lease or purchase. Feng Shui Keys is of immense value because choosing where to live and work are two of the most important and costly decisions that anyone can make. Careful selection increases the chances of ensuring and safeguarding good health, financial prosperity and joyful living!

Feng Shui Keys details specific Feng Shui issues to inspect for before making a purchase or offer. It details all the important factors that must be evaluated. For example, one must consider the possible effects of roads, neighborhoods and land as well as the design of the exterior and interior of a building.

An entire chapter is devoted to alerting the reader about the existence of two modern health dangers: Electromagnetic fields and Geopathic fields. Every buyer must to be aware of these unseen threats in order to protect ones health! In general, the knowledge of these potential dangers is unknown or overlooked, yet it is extremely vital in selecting a healthy home or office.

To assist in making the best choices while house hunting, a handy “take with you” KEYS List is included to “check off” positive and negative attributes of each property. This detailed KEYS List, clearly assigns priorities for making the best real estate choices.



About the Author
Louis Audet is a Chemical Engineer, professional Feng Shui consultant and a dowser with over 20 years experience consulting on residential and commercial property selection, design and remediation. As a practitioner, author and speaker, Louis happily shares his knowledge and expertise for the benefit of one and all.



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