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Wake Up! You're Not Dead  Yet! by Christine Toomey

Wake Up! You're Not Dead Yet!

by Christine Toomey

101 pages
An afterdeath dialogue with comedian Chris Farley

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Afterlife
About the Book
In life, he was the ultimate funny guy, the slapstick, fall-down, pie in the face joker. But few knew the real Chris Farley behind the comedian's mask, the lonely man who wanted to be loved for who he really was--a warm, sensitive, caring human being.

In death, when the persona is set aside, we see the real Chris Farley--his soul--who lived to make us laugh. But those qualities we found funny ultimately killed him at a tragically early age.

However, his death brings us an even more important message than his life, as you will read in his own words, as told through psychic medium Christine Toomey. In this after-death dialogue, Farley exhorts us to grasp life to the full, and to love as if we'll never be hurt.

It is bittersweet, poignant, heartwarming and funny, but above all, it is pure Chris Farley as never before ... in his own words.



About the Author
Christine Toomey When Christine was 20 years old, she began to use her psychic abilities at first tentatively, but soon using them in earnest. The results of that commitment have been an outpouring of spiritual communication from not only Princess Diana but from Chris Farley, John Lennon, John Candy, John Belushi, Jesus and Mother Teresa, to name only a few. She conducts lectures and workshops and is a frequent guest on radio shows throughout the U.S. and lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband and three sons.



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