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The Gallaghan by Nuala Lyons

The Gallaghan

by Nuala Lyons

240 pages
Hidden family secrets make a daughter fight for her life.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Who set the fire bomb in The Gallaghan when Aoife was hosting an October Science Fiction convention? The bomb failed as she was on the spot when the smoke began to seep under the door. She called security who discovered the sprinklers had been interfered with and the fire extinguisher was missing along with the fire alarm being dismantled.

The garda investigation could not find a suspect so the matter was dropped.

Kevin Callaghan, Aoife's father and owner of The Gallaghan, is a widower. He met an American divorcee researching her ancestral tree in Dublin. They fell in love and are going to be married in July.

Eoughan O' Shaughnessy, now a businessman in New York, returns to Dublin seeking the answer as to why, Aoife had never replied to his letters, her mobile phone had been disconnected and her email blocked. He met her brother Mark Callaghan in New York when he took a marketing call for The Manhattan Gallaghan and discovered Mark was Aoife's brother. It's then he learns that the family blame him on not keeping his vow to Aoife while for almost ten years Eoughan believed Aoife had forsaken him for another man.

Mark gives him his sister Ciara's address in Dublin and Eoughan pays her a visit.

Eoughan employs Rory Corcoran an out of work actor, to investigate the matter of the fire bomb. He has to find out if Aoife's life is in danger.

On the anniversary of their parting, when Eoughan left Ireland to join a Finance Business in New York, he creates a garden of flowers for her. Under the pretence of working out a fail safe security system for her father's wedding day he invites her into his suite. She walks into his garden and when he takes her into his bedroom, which he has filled with forget-me-nots, their love symbol, she breaks down. She accuses him of trying to get her into his bed yet she needs not only emotional but sexual satisfaction and makes passionate love with him.

Eoughan struggles to get Aoife out of The Gallaghan but she's content living with her father. He thinks Kevin Callaghan is using her and trying to keep her tied to the job she enjoys. Aoife flies to New York with Eoughan when an emergency arises in his business.

They return to Dublin with Mark as Kevin and Diane's wedding is only two days away.

But will the man, who's seeking revenge, allow the chance to exact vengeance pass or will Aoife's life be in danger again. Both Eoughan and Aoife must fight for her life and their happiness.

Will Eoughan manage to persuade her to live with him in New York? Will she be safer there?



About the Author
Nuala Lyons worked as a TEFL teacher in different countries and with Poetry Ireland in the 'writers in schools' education section. She lives with her husband in Dublin.



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