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Maddox by darin thomas


by darin thomas

79 pages
His mother dead from small pox. The Bloody Civil War had taken his Father and Brother. The Family Farm looted and burned, Clint Maddox found himself alone at age Fifteen. Fortune, peace, and adventure lured Clint west.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
About the Book
Maddox - Trail of Death comes from a history of violence and loss, Clint Maddox having grown up amid the battles and tensions of the Civil War. After losing his family, he gradually learns the ways of fighting and killing, while the people that Clint looks up to seem to meet horrible ends. As Clint makes his way though the west, personal vendettas and schemes begin to surface, Clint is slowly lured into a web of violence and bloodshed, stemming from a confrontation with his past. Clint forms his own plans for vengeance when he learns that a man from his past is now digging him a new grave. But a woman provides a bitter sweet love interest for him. The arbitration Clint now has to make, Live like a man, love like a man, or die like a man. Somewhere in the midst of wild Utah Territory he will find his destiny.



About the Author
darin thomas Darin Thomas was born in Salt Lake City. Graduated from Layton High. Served in the U.S Army from 1981 to 1994. Was involved in the Persian Gulf War. He received the Bronze Star Medal, while serving with the 2nd Armored Div. First Tiger BDE. His love of the old west inspired him to write Maddox. Story telling was always a natural gift. (Just ask his Parents). Nothing thrills him more than to see a sunset over the Great Salt Lake. Fishing high in the Rocky's, or writing about days long gone,...but not forgotten. Enjoy!



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