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Those Who Turn Worlds Upside Down by D. Alan Baker

Those Who Turn Worlds Upside Down

by D. Alan Baker

268 pages
How Christians can bring positive change to the world.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
In Acts 17.6 of the Bible, a man who has never seen the Apostle Paul and his ministry team before looks at them and says, "These are those who have turned the world upside down! And now they have come here!"

What is remarkable about this statement, and the account around it, is that it takes place only twenty years after the birth of the church.

Twenty years earlier, the church appeared to be anything but a group of people capable of turning the world upside down.

Twenty years earlier, the church was 120 people hiding out in an upper room, completely insignificant in the world.

Twenty years earlier, the church was a newborn baby without a friend in the world.

But twenty years later, the reputation of believers as world changers now precedes them.

How did it happen then and how can it happen again today? What will it take for the people of your city to say of you and your church, "These are those who turn worlds upside down?"



About the Author
D. Alan Baker has been a pastor, missionary and educator in Europe and the US. He blends all three ministries in his role as Campus Pastor at Central Bible College in Springfield, MO. He and his wife, Tricia, have two daughters.



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