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Teaching in Mind: How Teacher Thinking Shapes Education by Judith Lloyd Yero, MA

Teaching in Mind: How Teacher Thinking Shapes Education

by Judith Lloyd Yero, MA

322 pages
Examines the beliefs, values, metaphors, and meanings that influence teaching.

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Category: Education
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About the Book
Research has shown that teachers are the single most important factor in the effective education of children. Yet there is a pervasive lack of attention to teachers in educational planning. Frequently, teachers are perceived as constants, much like the books, desks, and other inanimate objects in the educational environment. More attention is paid to the attractive design and packaging of knowledge than on the one factor that may well be the most influential variable in the educational equation--the teacher! Teaching in Mind argues that the unconscious beliefs, values, metaphors, and meanings held by individual teachers are critical missing components in identifying why some teachers are effective and others are not.

Teaching in Mind is a book for and about teachers. Written in a conversational tone, it helps teachers explore their thinking, evaluate the beliefs and values on which it is based, and understand how they shape the reality that they and their students inhabit. An extensive Self-Inventory, as well as numerous processes throughout the book, facilitate self-reflection and help teachers explore their thinking.

The reader will learn:
• how teachers’ beliefs about teaching, learning, and knowledge influence their perceptions and behaviors;
• how the metaphors teachers use to describe their work both enable and limit what occurs in classrooms;
• how personal and institutional values create conflicts in the educational setting;
• what hidden lessons teachers teach because of their beliefs, values, and worldviews--who they are as individuals;
• why reform efforts that ignore teacher thinking fail;
• how to become a more reflective...and effective...teacher.

Although Teaching in Mind is directed at individual teachers, the first edition of the book has been adopted by many colleges and universities for use in teacher education classes. This revised Second Edition contains updated references, as well as a new Appendix on Dispositions.

“You will nod your head in agreement; you will stop and question your own assumptions; you will listen for metaphors in your conversations…this book provides endless possibilities…” Susan Thompson in TASA Insight.



About the Author
After 20 years of teaching, Yero presented national workshops on "whole-brain learning." In addition to Teaching in Mind, Yero has coauthored textbooks in psychology and sociology, written several books for National Geographic Expeditions, and contributed to many science, social studies, and language arts texts. She lives in Hamilton, Montana.



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