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The Calico Sisters by Oscar Robinson

The Calico Sisters

by Oscar Robinson

384 pages
A lawyer's murder points to Lew Piper's friends in Intelligence.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
When a police friend asked Lew Piper, who describes himself as a flunked-out Intelligence Agent, to look at some crime scene photos and give his professional opinion, it all seemed very obvious. It was a professional hit on a lawyer, and the lawyer’s passenger in his car had fled the scene.
The problem is that the police have the shooting down to a gang-related drive-by killing and they have no records of a passenger in the car.

The passenger turns out to be the lawyer’s date that night. She ends up getting ambushed by professional killers herself and left for dead. Piper hides her under an assumed name to save her from the killers. She has lost her memory, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference to the killers; they still want her dead. They believe that the lawyer may have confided some information to her that a powerful local businessman doesn’t want made public.

Then Piper discovers that friends in the Intelligence community are assisting the businessman for reasons of their own.

Once the young woman has regained her strength [but not her memory], Piper smuggles her away to Hilo, Hawaii where they move in with an old friend of his from his days in the government.

Watching as she regains her memory bit by bit, Piper struggles with the both his attraction for her and the fact that he must also remain hidden from the killers by assuming a fake identity and persona. In doing so, he has to give up everything he loves: cats, cars, and an insatiable desire to set things right in the world around him. He sees a purse-snatching and has to let the robber escape so as to not call attention to himself.

As he settles into life in the tropics, Piper begins to let go of the things that tie him to his home in Texas and he begins to reassess the important things in his world. But before he can make a decision to change, he is drawn back to Dallas to resume his old life.

All he has left to do is find one more killer before the killer find him.


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About the Author
Oscar Robinson spent a number of years in Intelligence work for the government, and now uses his experiences to create mystery/adventure novels for his protagonist, Lew Piper.

Oscar currently lives in Texas with his wife, cats and cars.



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