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LIFE IS GOOD, ALL IS WELL:  Everything is Vibration by Wendy Ann Zellea

LIFE IS GOOD, ALL IS WELL: Everything is Vibration

by Wendy Ann Zellea

164 pages
Everything is vibration, resonate with the highest.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
Everything is vibration and either resonates with us or does not. Our job is to raise our vibration to the highest level possible, so that we can gracefully transition through the Ascension process that is currently occurring here on Earth.

This process involves many changes, both in our way of thinking and in our everyday life, but it is imperative to our spiritual, energetic and even our physical survival to transform the lower vibrating energy that affects us daily into the energy of the higher realms.

This is not as difficult as one might imagine, but it requires awareness, intention and persistence. It is why you are here on Earth and the purpose of this incarnation that you have chosen.

Time is speeding up and the days fly by, therefore it is essential that we all take the steps right now to become aware of the self sabotaging aspects of our lives that we allow to continue, not realizing that we might even be standing in our own way.

We have been living unaware and the time has come for us to wake up and sense more than our morning coffee. We must become aware of the changes that are happening, keep up or be left behind.

If we desire different results, we must do something different and now it the time to begin. We are multi-dimensional beings, living one of those vibrational incarnations in the Third dimension, but there are many who are becoming aware of the higher dimensionality into which we are ascending.

Once you reach the higher levels, synchronicity begins, you life is manifested gracefully and effortlessly, the guidance that comes from your higher self is available to you all the time. All that is required is the intention and the willingness to transmute your life into a better one, by letting go of lower vibrating aspects of your life and replacing them with higher ones.

Come on over, we are expecting you.


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About the Author
Wendy is the author of the "Do You Want to Be Happy NOW? She is a MerKiVa Reiki Master and pioneer Conscious Human Evolutionary.



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