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THE GUIDE: When Evil Rushes In, The Faithful Stand Firm by S. Scott Johnson

THE GUIDE: When Evil Rushes In, The Faithful Stand Firm

by S. Scott Johnson

244 pages
One man's journey to reaffirm his faith in God.

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
When his son meets a tragic end, Clark Carmichael, a successful preacher, turns his back on God. He turns to the wisdom of men and steers his life away from God’s guidance. His life and faith spiral out of control until one day he receives an invitation to an incredible journey—a hunting trip in the woods of British Columbia.

A menacing shadow lopes across the landscape. Here, Clark comes face-to-face with a world dominated by the Law of Claw and Fang—an unforgiving world of unprincipled men and untold dangers. What he finds here will change his life forever.

The Guide is a Christian allegory and adventure novel about one man’s struggle to make sense of adversity and to stand firm in his faith. This fictional story will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts and those who love adventure.



About the Author
Scott Johnson lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where he works for a major Southeast utility company. In 1992, he graduated from Georgia Tech. Scott manages a technical training group. He loves writing, the outdoors, and he participates actively with his church. He is excited about publishing his first novel—The Guide.



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