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The Man From Xibalba by Wallace Provost

The Man From Xibalba

by Wallace Provost

104 pages
Lying in a body cast in an ICU unit, Ron Grogan is given the choice either to convince a Mayan Indian Princess he has never met to become a Sun Priestess and or he will die in Amarillo, Texas.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
In 1860 when their husbands are all killed in a battle twenty five Quiche Indian Widows, with their 40 children and one Garafuna couple head north on a ten year journey to the High Plains of Texas. They purchase a hidden canyon from Charles Goodnight and John Adair who owned the JA ranch that once included the Palo-Duro Canyon State Park. In 2010, Driving a 1979 Buick Century with a trunk full of marijuana, Ron Grogan runs into a blizzard, is struck by a jackknifed trailer truck and knocked over the guard rail. While he is lying in the ICU unit not expected to survive he is offered his life if he would promise to convince a Quiche Indian Princess to become the Village Sun Priestess and help to usher in the end of the world in 2012. This is complicated when they fall in love.



About the Author
The author was born in 1929 in Springfield, Mass. He is retired from teaching Philosophy and Sociology and has a number of papers published in Academic journals. This is his first fiction book



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