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A Killing Reprisal by Adeline Bolton

A Killing Reprisal

by Adeline Bolton

294 pages
How an old crime impinges on the present day.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Lindsay O’Loughlin is shaken out of her mourning period for her beloved husband, Jon, when her brother-in-law, Conor Osbourne, is stalked by a killer. Trying to help him, and to protect her sister and her children, she starts to investigate and discovers an old crime. Nearly eighteen years earlier a youth was kicked to death on O’Connell Bridge, Dublin. Four teenagers were arrested but all four were acquitted.

While investigating, she uncovers three recent murders which appear random or opportunistic until you connect them to three of the four teenagers involved in Neil Fitzsimons’ death. The only surviving member of the original quartet is her brother-in-law. She realises that Conor and his family are in mortal danger when a man with a balaclava over his head holds her hostage at knife point. He informs Lindsay he intends to kill Conor in reprisal for Neil’s death. Why someone would seek revenge for an old crime she cannot understand until she looks up old newspapers in the National Library. What she discover, to her horror, is the ripple effect that old murder had on the victim’s family.

In the meantime, Detective Inspector Mark Buckley steps up his own investigation. He warns Lindsay to stop interfering as she is putting her own life in danger. When Conor also hires a security firm to protect him and his family, Lindsay decides it is time to get on with her own life.

Her work experience is in recruitment. She decides to open her own recruitment agency and rents a small, single story redbrick in Templeogue village. But while she is preparing and stocking the redbrick for business, the killer draws her into his quest for revenge by using her as bait to get Conor out in the open. She experiences threats, an attempted kidnapping, and near death. Fearful for the consequences if the killer is not apprehended immediately, Lindsay sets a trap for the killer with near fatal results.



About the Author
Adeline Bolton lives in Ireland with her husband of many years. She loves reading the classics, popular fiction and murder/mysteries. Enjoys the cinema, TV, and during winter months watches rugby games with her husband. Creative writing is her passion and she spends many happy hours on her computer.



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