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AGING IS A FULL TIME JOB: Now Is The Time To Make Peace With Your Past So You Don't Mess Up The Present! by Marcia Casar Friedman

AGING IS A FULL TIME JOB: Now Is The Time To Make Peace With Your Past So You Don't Mess Up The Present!

by Marcia Casar Friedman

190 pages
Be inspired to create an improved, first-class life.

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Category: Self Help:Success
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About the Book
Praise and encourage yourself now! It has taken many years of great effort to become more competent in your work and more skillful in your relationships. Also, more knowledgeable about the interactions between your family members and more adept at accepting the surprises life presents to you. About the only thing that comes without effort is natural aging!

Get ready to go on an encouraging journey of self-awareness. Learn more about the unique person you are aging into, no matter what you recognize as your chronological age number.

The idea of calling my generation the “silver sages” comes from our graying hair and enlightened wisdom. No matter what your age, more insight is gained from living life every day.

Initially, I planned to write a life script or memoir, to review my life to this point, as my personal review or resume for this phase of my job, called aging. I was motivated to better understand and improve my present, in order to move on to the future.

I quickly realized it was important to share the tools I have learned so others can discover their own path, and be encouraged to pass the torch. Included in each chapter, are many personal and private life experiences. This book is definitely nonfiction!

I’ve analyzed my life stories to discover how I think those events would be different today. A magical crystal ball would be required to figure it out. How often I’ve asked myself, if I knew then, what I know now, how different would my life be today? Decisions can only be made by using the tools available at the time.

I encourage you to broaden your scope by reading my stories and writing your own life story. Love yourself even though you aren’t perfect!

Aging is a universal full time job!



About the Author
Marcia Casar Friedman was a teacher for the Pittsburgh Schools, the Los Angeles Schools, and a Master Training Teacher for Cal State.

Writing, sociology, and psychology have always been her passion. Marcia conducted programs in English as a Second Language, created “feelings workshops,” behavior modification classes and was a business trainer.



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