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Executive Pink by Mathew Paust

Executive Pink

by Mathew Paust

194 pages
President invites suspected assassins to Rose Garden press conference.

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
The many plots against the President of the United States are so routine she's grown tired of hearing about them during her morning briefings. One possible conspiracy has you, her chief of staff, especially worried because it could involve people on her staff and you might be the only other person aware of it. Despite coincidental deaths of several close associates you're reluctant to share your suspicions with anyone for fear you are losing your mind.



About the Author
Mathew Paust Mathew Paust is a former award-winning newspaper reporter who lives in a Virginia woods with the two women in his life, six cats, a dog and assorted smaller critters. Paust and his wife also have two grown sons.



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