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Try Lots of Hats by Lynda Linke

Try Lots of Hats

by Lynda Linke

20 pages
Inspirational life lessons for women and girls of all ages

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
This little book is a series of life lessons given to a 13-year -old girl during a confusing time in her life. Over the course of one summer an older woman shares these important lessons by comparing them, in an inspirational, warm-hearted way, to the different hats we wear throughout our lives.

On the brink of womanhood or at any milestone or transition along the way, women and girls of all ages will be inspired by these simple lessons.



About the Author
Lynda attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC and earned a BA from Thomas A. Edison College in NJ, majoring in art with a minor in psychology. She has had a career in the social services field for the past 21 years but has always enjoyed drawing and writing in her spare time. She lives in northeastern Florida with her 9 year old beagle mix, Stella, and her 15 year old cat, Ceilie.



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