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Self-Awareness   -  Re-Discovering Your Truth by Wilhelmina McKittrick

Self-Awareness - Re-Discovering Your Truth

by Wilhelmina McKittrick

186 pages
Self-Awareness - Re-Discovering Your Truth, by Wilhelmina McKittrick

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
Self-Awareness - Re-Discovering Your Truth
By Wilhelmina G.I. McKittrick

This book will help you to a greater way of life, within love and understanding for yourself and the world around you.

We have changed and evolved into a different type of human being that is here consciously to assist, support and guide each other in order to rejoice the elemental self of the planet.

Why do we exist?
What are we here for?
Who is a part of this?
These are questions we all have had, and questions our ancestors had. These were questions that kept and keeps people going, exploring and evolving.

Why do we have meaning for life?
Why do we want to know more and more and more?

Our brain has been evolving.
Many have heard about the statement: our brain is only being used for 10%. With that I believe is meant only 10% of its capabilities are being used.
We are starting to use it more and more.
With that comes; different perceptions, different connections and a different focus on life and its surroundings; also known as the shift in consciousness.

The time is here and the book is here to help build the foundation for this today!
We are living in a new time, with new tools and new information to create new ways and a shift in consciousness on our planet and beyond.
In this book I share what I have learned, perceived and received in the ways that have been made available to me, to bring forward to all who come on my path and feel the resonance in their hearts.

Enjoy the book and use it over and over again as an oracle, for your day to day experiences or for when needed. Deeper understanding will follow as you further grow and change into the person you are meant to change this time around.
The questions we have today will seize to exist tomorrow.

Enjoy re-discovering your truth through self-awareness!


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About the Author
Wilhelmina McKittrick’s passion lies in the endlessness of existence.
Through teachings, received from her own life experiences, clairvoyance, clairaudience and guidance from beyond, she writes, paints, teaches and guides people to greater self-awareness.



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