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Neigh It Isn't So by Linda S. Clayton

Neigh It Isn't So

by Linda S. Clayton

240 pages
A humorous mystery set in the Lowcountry of South Carolina

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Maggie Bloom is trying to have a cozy boondoggle with Ben, her new husband, but she is forced to put her romantic plans on hold when trouble breaks out at Archangel Ranch.

Twenty three year old Seraphina has disappeared, and her sister, Angel, is beside herself. Not only is Seraphina missing, she has ridden off on one of Angel's prize horses. And according to the scary notes Angel find in the barn, someone is going to make sure she doesn't come back. To make matters worse, Angel's stable hand turns up dead, her prize palomino escapes from his stall, and the guests at Archangel Ranch are threatening mutiny.

Ben is understandably upset when Maggie decides she would rather search for the bad guys than canoodle with him, but she can't concentrate on lovemaking with a murderer on the loose. Her favorite suspect is the suave, Latin hunk next door. Digging into the dashing Argentinean's background turns up more dirt than Maggie anticipated, and as she digs, someone diligently tries to get rid of her. And no one at Archangel Ranch is prepared for her startling discovery.



About the Author
Linda Clayton lives in the beautiful Lowcountry of South Carolina with Wally, her English cocker spaniel, and Willie, her cockapoo.



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