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The Cure by Tony Cowger

The Cure

by Tony Cowger

209 pages
Dr. Auglize has found a miracle to end cancer but can he survive "The Cure?"

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Category: Fiction:Adventure
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About the Book
Imagine being the person to invent flight. How would it feel to discover electricity? What if you were the person who found a cure for cancer? In the new e-novel The Cure that is just what Dr. Auglize has done. What would you do with that information? Would you hide it so only you knew or would you share it with the world?

The answer seems obvious, doesn't it? The tremendous impact on the world would be historic. For millions affected it would bring new hope and assure long life. No more startled gasps when one is diagnosed with cancer, no more painful treatments, no more financial burden when one battles the disease. There is not one bad side to the whole thing. Or is there?

There are two sides to every decision. Dr. Auglize is about to discover that inconvenient reality. No matter what opinion you have or what action you take some person or group of persons, somewhere on the planet, will disagree with you. Further, they have perfectly logical reasoning for it, at least they believe so. Now, those people are out to stop Dr. Auglize.

If it were you would you be willing to face the consequences of bringing the world the cure? Would you have the strength to persevere? How far would someone go to stop you and could you push on? What would you give up? How much of your life, career, family and yourself would you give up to do what was right? These are the questions facing Dr. Auglize. Will he end up a hero or a footnote? Find out in the new e-novel, The Cure, by Tony Cowger.



About the Author
Tony was born in Wichita, Kansas and grew up in the town of Medford in Oklahoma. He holds two bachelor's degrees from Florida State University, in Nutrition & Fitness and Psychology. Tony has been writing most of his life but his first published novel, The Life and Death of Fame, was released in 2005 and follows the life of Holly and her simple goal of being famous. His current novel, The Cure, is being released strictly in ebook format though he may consider putting into print later.



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