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John Bunyan's The Holy War: An Updated Edition by Teresa Suttles

John Bunyan's The Holy War: An Updated Edition

by Teresa Suttles

264 pages
A modern update of the fall and retaking of Mansoul.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
John Bunyan (1628-1688) ranks among the most capable of authors with his ability to portray man in all of his complexity. Bunyan’s allegorical tale The Holy War is almost as well-known as his Pilgrim’s Progress in presenting both fallen and redeemed man. A medieval setting of pageantry and warfare is the backdrop Bunyan chose for The Holy War to tell the tale of the losing and the taking of Mansoul. Intrigue, deception, and rebellion are woven into the plot unfolding within the walls and castle of a medieval city fortified by five impregnable gates. This is the war waged by King SHADDAI against Diabolus for the regaining of the town that belongs to His Son Prince Emmanuel. The beauty of Bunyan’s story has been preserved and only those changes and definitions necessary to benefit the modern reader have been made in this edition prepared by Teresa Suttles. Bunyan’s The Holy War has thrilled readers for centuries and this skillfully updated edition will continue to open the wonders of The Holy War for readers of today – old and young alike.



About the Author
Dr. Teresa Suttles edited her first revision of John Bunyan's classic work while homeschooling her children. She has spent thirty years teaching in homeschools, classrooms, and private tutoring. Her second updated edition provides definitions, illustrations, and easy-to-read sentences for use in home and classroom settings.



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