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Evolutionary Growth Through High-tech Meditations by Nino Roso

Evolutionary Growth Through High-tech Meditations

by Nino Roso

37 pages
Meditate Deeper than Zen monk on the Push of a Button.

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Category: Health:Mental:Meditation
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About the Book
Evolutionary Growth Through High-tech Meditations is a 'do it yourself' manual with guidelines and tips for you to grow psychologically, spiritually and emotionally. Here you will find explained everything you need to know, what to expect and how to enjoy.

Section 1 explains health benefits of regular meditation and how technology works, as well as some history.

Section 2 deals with this sound approach to consciousness evolution, the interaction with our neurology and long term changes that happen. The various Products comparison and review so you can choose what best suits your personality.

Section 3 Managing Evolutionary Growth is devoted for explaining precisely how evolution happens in the brain, how healing and growth happens, how to handle upheaval or overwhelm so to have gratifying change, along with deep happiness and inner peace that this path allows.

Section 4 is about Human Shadow and the eternal Now. Your only stumbling block for permanent awakening or the enlightenment.

And, References for further inquiry or study.



About the Author
Evocateur: One who evokes the Best in others



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