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Grandpa and the Goose by Charles W. Laughlin

Grandpa and the Goose

by Charles W. Laughlin

32 pages
Children's book about friendship between a grandpa and a goose.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
Grandpa lives by himself and is worried that his pond has been dry for weeks. One day a lone goose skids across the dry pond. Discover how Gregory teaches Grandpa team-work and persistence as they try to solve a problem. They become friends, but Gregory is still lonesome. He wants a friend who can swim, fly, and honk. A cozy story of friendship, Grandpa and the Goose emphasizes the importance of family.



About the Author
Charles W. Laughlin Charles W. Laughlin (1939-2006) had an exciting career as an agricultural educator and administrator at various land grant universities and the federal government.

A “people person,” Chuck made a major commitment to leadership development both nationally and internationally. An avid lover of nature, he was devoted to his family.



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