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SpellBook Journey by RZ Christie

SpellBook Journey

by RZ Christie

333 pages
A mysterious book changes the life of a young teen.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
An ancient evil released from its 1700 year imprisonment.
An ageless spellbook that once belonged to Merlin, the Magician.
A mysterious stranger on the Internet that can unlock the book’s power.

Patrick Sagender had no idea what he had found when he discovered an old book in the basement of a dilapidated theatre. But when he meets Stella, a mysterious recluse, on the Internet and decides to take the book to her, he starts down a magical road to adventure and self-discovery.
Follow Pat on his journey as he learns about life, love, and the power of family and friendship.



About the Author
RZ Christie began writing in 1993 and has created several works in the fantasy/science fiction genre since then. He hopes that your forey into the realm that he has created will thrill and captivate you. He resides in Connecticut.



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