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Traces of Greed by T D Bessler

Traces of Greed

by T D Bessler

284 pages
This is a financial thriller. When never enough.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Banker Halsey Stuart is on his way back home to New Jersey when his boss and brother-in-law, Chairman Desmond Cain of Fortune Beach Bank, pleads with Stu to stay and help stave off an oncoming investigation by both state and federal banking regulators. He soon finds incriminating information about the Chairman and his handiwork at the bank.

Des believed that bank regulators were like back seat drivers, never experiencing reality of the competitive banking world. He soon finds out who's really in control. This page turning financial thriller entwines a United States Congressman, Chairman of the House Banking Committee who comes to the aid of the banks flamboyant chairman.


Good read and fast moving, October 6, 2010.
- hollygoo
Never a lull in the action. Keeps reader interested. Great book for first time author. Characters are believable and interesting. traces of greed, October 5, 2010.
- Des
I picked up this book on the internet. What a smart idea. As I read the prologue I knew it would be a good read, but I did not realize that the action would start so soon on the first chapter. I could not wait to turn to the next page. It was really a good read. This is the guys first novel, but he is going to go places. Glad I read it. Can't wait for the next book to come out.
- Des
Traces of Greed is non stop from page one. I raced through this book and was continually focused on what would happen next.The writer has done a great job intertwining a thriller with informative behind the scenes knowledge of the world of banking, regulatory influence on the banking world, and how some would feel they are above the law. The main characters are brought to life in this book by the writer as if he has known them for years. Absolutely well done. Looking forward to the next release by this guy.
After picking up this book, I'll bet you will have as difficult a time putting it back down as I did. It is an extremely well written story of intrigue, bank fraud, political corruption, drug and gem smuggling, murder and mayhem. All being delivered in a more sophisticated environment than usually expected. And, if that alone is not enough, the author simultaneously and skillfully intertwines the personal and sometimes highly antagonistic relationships which are, to some degree, present in every extended family which spans three (3) or more generations. A real "Thriller With A Heart." the author also leaves the distinct hint that a sequel may be in the works. It is a well thought out and well told story, and should be on your "Gotta Read" list for certain. I believe Mr. Bessler's star is just beginning to rise.
- Dennis Staer
A bank executive gets more than he bargained for as he fights for his life, his reputation and his family in this timely financial thriller. The banking terms may confuse some readers and predicting how all the pieces fall into place may not be terribly difficult, but the novel is still an enjoyable read. The book moves quickly and provides a great ride.
- by Kirkus Reviews



About the Author
T D Bessler T D Bessler a veteran New Jersey banker for forty-eight years. His career encompasses past chairman New Jersey Bankers Association, past president Community Bankers Association of New Jersey. He is currently president of a New Jersey community bank. Mr Bessler resides in Toms River,New Jersey. This is his first published novel.



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