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Become the Boss You Always Wanted by Ken Pasch, CHE, CLdrC

Become the Boss You Always Wanted

by Ken Pasch, CHE, CLdrC

248 pages
“Become the Boss…” will help good people become great leaders.

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About the Book
Have you…or someone you know…ever had a bad boss? Most of us have…I have the solution!

First, what kind of boss would your employees say you are? What kind of boss would you like to be?

Become the Boss You Always Wanted…will transform your thinking of bosses and help you on your journey to Become the Boss You Always Wanted.

Become the Boss… is Part-1 of my 7 part leader development series: “Living With the Consequences - Unlocking the 7 Doors to Leader Success”. This was originally intended to be a 6-part series, but I continually evaluate that which I provide others and listen carefully for ways to improve our products and services. As host of the syndicated radio talk show “Unlock Your Full Potential…Today!”, I received an anonymous call that opened up my mind to the need for this book. Here’s the call I received:

“I’ve had some pretty lousy bosses in my day…this propelled me to dream of becoming the boss I always wanted. So I started my own business with this as one of my goals. But, in dealing with the daily trials and tribulations, I find that instead of becoming the boss I always wanted, I have become the boss I always had.”

This excellent book will transform your thinking of bosses and help you start to Become the Boss You Always Wanted. Entertaining and inspiring, based on an Internet dialogue between colleagues and their coach, this engaging story and accompanying exercises will catapult you into a recognizable work environment where tensions are strained, emotions are heightened and lessons are learned. Even a little intrigue seeps into the mix.

This book will help you:

- Hire the boss you want
- Understand what it really means to be a leader and how to become one
- Develop your personal Be-Do-Have
- Redefine failure
- Learn to Grow Forward ©
- Live in Abundance/Concentrate on Priorities

Look for and work through the additional 6 parts:
Part-2: “Magic Mirror – leaders must first look inside before fixing things ‘out there’…” – this will be done in 2 phases: Phase-1: First Glance – Your Internal R.E.F.L.E.C.T.I.O.N. & Phase-2: Second Take – Your External I.M.A.G.E.
Part-3: “Leading with P.R.I.D.E.”
Part-4: “Growing Forward – what leaders do while the staff accomplishes the ‘day-to-day’…”,
Part-5: “From the Ideal through the Ordeal to the Real Deal”
Part-6: “Ken’s IRA” &
Part-7:“Making Your Organization C.L.I.C.K.”



About the Author
Ken Pasch, CHE, CLdrC Ken Pasch, Certified Leader Coach and president of Ki Visions, Inc., works with numerous organizations in implementing a leadership roadmap based on his “Living With the Consequences” series. Ken, a retired Lt Colonel in the USAF, hosts the syndicated radio program, "Unlock Your Full Potential...Today!", and teaches at Penn State.



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