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The LAUGHalachian TRAIL: A Green Zealotís Uncensored Celebration of Thru-hiker Humor by Tom Waite

The LAUGHalachian TRAIL: A Green Zealotís Uncensored Celebration of Thru-hiker Humor

by Tom Waite

286 pages
Exuberant celebration of thru-hiker humor along the Appalachian Trail.

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Category: Entertainment:Humor
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About the Book
The Laughalachian Trail celebrates a conspicuous feature of the Appalachian Trail: superabundant humor. The moment an Earthling sets foot on the trail she or he unwittingly accepts a co-starring role in an experiential comedic play that lasts for months and 2179 miles. Thru-hiking cast members are universally hilarious. And itís not just their emaciated serial-killer look, hairiness, and toxic stench that make them so funny. Itís also their repartee, delusions of awesomeness, voluntary celibacy, dietary excesses, and so much more.

In its finest form, thru-hiker humor is a synergistic byproduct of individual creative bursts uniquely triggered by the trail experience. This book celebrates this humor in all of its guises Ė surreal, frivolous, morbid, satirical, and even scatological.

Youíre invited to tag along on the authorís thru-hike from Maine to Georgia (and return thru-bike) as he has close encounters with a parade of outrageous characters and explores hiker obsessions over sex, pizza, anal leakage, gluteal shrinkage, and trail-cred (reputation). These obsessions highlight cognitive illusions that thru-hikers share with mere mortals. Thru-hikers are full of pride and prejudice. And theyíre anything but green. Luckily, this book provides a recipe for green hiking. It also explores the health benefits of mindfully humorous hiking. Reading this book could add years to your life. How you choose to squander them is entirely up to you.


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About the Author
Tom Waite Tom Waite, professor of ecology, usually publishes antidotes to insomnia (technical articles), but has entered a new phase in which he now writes books that people actually read. He is currently at work on a series of books about pervasive overconfidence in medicine, law, politics, economics, sports, and everyday life.



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