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SCRAPED KNEES AND MAC N' CHEESE: One Woman’s Journey of a Thousand Miles on the Vermont Long Trail by Sandra Pierson

SCRAPED KNEES AND MAC N' CHEESE: One Woman’s Journey of a Thousand Miles on the Vermont Long Trail

by Sandra Pierson

268 pages
Narrative of a woman backpacking a thousand miles in Vermont

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Category: Travel
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About the Book
Join author and outdoor enthusiast Sandi Pierson as she brings you over the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. Following the historic Long Trail, the first long-distance hiking trail in America, discover the splendor of this diverse and rugged landscape and the joys and tribulations of attempting to walk it carrying everything you need on one’s back. Compiled from Pierson’s four hikes of this 270-mile “footpath in the wilderness,” this book is an inspiration that may very well have you packing up and heading into the woods yourself.

Written as a continuous journey from Massachusetts to Canada over the length of the Green Mountains, this book contains over 80 photographs and each of the 21 chapters includes a corresponding trail map. Each chapter picks up the journey on the trail from one day's hiking to the next, but they are written as they occurred at different times over the years and with a differing cast of companions. The account is quick moving and consistently brushed with off-beat humor. Each chapter is generously sprinkled with fascinating anecdotes of peculiar historical events and those who figured prominently in the early settling of the Green Mountains and of the Long Trail's colorful, hundred year history. Veteran outdoorsmen as well as the armchair woodswalker will find much here to inform, bemuse and surprise them.

As a single parent, two of the Long Trail journeys were taken with her son, beginning when he was four years old. The third hike was taken with four sisters, with the hope of regaining a degree of the intimacy they shared as children. On each journey, the family dog tags along and this adds many delightful and comical episodes. On her fourth trek, the author is finally able to fulfill her dream of a solo hike of the Long Trail, and this put her mileage over the one thousand-mile mark. Pierson’s solitary expedition over the long spine of the Green Mountains was centered on photography, reflection, and journal writing rather than simply charging towards the Canadian border. In actuality, Scraped Knees and Mac N’ Cheese was written while she lived on the trail for a month.

So grab yourself a backpack or plop yourself in a cozy recliner and prepare to go on the adventure of a lifetime!



About the Author
Sandra Pierson An outdoor enthusiast, Sandi Pierson has spent her life exploring the wilderness and tilling the earth, always with a pup by her side. She lives in New Hampshire where she enjoys canoeing, hiking, long-distance backpacking, collecting mushrooms and other wild edibles, gardening, and writing. This is her second book.



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