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Dogboy by Timothy Schwab


by Timothy Schwab

146 pages
A violent prison society where one man changes everything.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
There is a prison for violent criminals where the prisoners do not remember their lives prior to incarceration.

They cannot remember their crimes.

They cannot remember their names.

They all have a seemingly programmed fear of the perimeter wall and the land beyond it; this fear grows within them as time passes. They hunt for animals that come over the wall at night. They war with one another and will murder for food.

They fall victim to the vicious dogs that roam the decayed city in which they find themselves.

A new prisoner, known as Dogboy, has befriended the dogs or, rather, they have befriended him. This is his story.



About the Author
Timothy Schwab Timothy Schwab lives in Maine with his wife and two children.



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