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Christmas Guest by Jennifer Fowler

Christmas Guest

by Jennifer Fowler

120 pages
Scott finds the meaning of home in this magical adventure.

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Category: Fiction:Holiday
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About the Book
It's Christmas, and fate is forcing Scott Morgan to rethink his successful executive life. First, an encounter with a curly-headed foster child seems to have thrown his efficient, logical psyche out of balance. Then a phone call in the middle of the night drags him back to his grandparents' farm, a place of old memories he has avoided for twelve years.

While at the farm, he suddenly recalls a childhood sled ride that whisked him into the past. He had been sure it was all a dream, but the magic is about to repeat itself. This time, a badly broken leg will make it impossible to get home as fast as he would like, and an infection threatens to keep him in the past permanently. Struggling to get home in time for Christmas, he uncovers a family secret and soon comes to realize that his life is interwoven with that of the small foster boy.

And he learns that, in the end, somehow you always come home.



About the Author
Jennifer writes from her home in the mountains, shared with her husband and five children. She is co-author of Pieces of the Puzzle.



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