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The Shadow Horses by Taylor Jamison

The Shadow Horses

by Taylor Jamison

182 pages
Chicago zoologist adjusts to life on a Nebraska horse ranch.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
A castle in the Nebraska sandhills is the last place Julianne Stormbeck, a zoology professor from Chicago, ever imagined she belonged. Her two teenage daughters certainly don’t want to be there, and her father thinks she’s being rash. Even Julianne is having doubts, but being sensible has never gotten her anywhere interesting. That’s why she moved to Nebraska in the first place, that and her new husband, Drew, a wealthy businessman who lives on his ancestors’ defunct cattle ranch.

Out on the prairie, Julianne discovers a lot more excitement than she bargained for. The land isn’t the only thing that needs tamed. When Julianne buys a wild mustang from a wily horse trainer named Skinny Pete, Drew starts to question her motives. Passions collide when Julianne uses her biology expertise to help her husband’s estranged brother—a man her husband openly despises—investigate who’s responsible for poisoning a herd of wild mustangs. She suddenly finds herself facing an impossible choice, one that could lead to heartbreak. Should she help rescue the wild mustangs before they all perish or try to save her troubled marriage?



About the Author
Taylor Jamison Taylor Jamison lives with her husband on a horse ranch in Denton, NE. The author’s first horse, McCue, lives there too. When she isn’t practicing medicine, she writes novels and trains for dressage competition.



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