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The Antarctic Code by Deo de Wit

The Antarctic Code

by Deo de Wit

304 pages
A mystery based around bioterrorism and the current influenza pandemics.

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
The Antarctic Code is best described as a high concept science-based thriller, but mixed within a web of personal guilt, deceit and repressed love. It explores the possibility that the recent equine and swine influenza outbreaks are the result of genetic engineering and bioterrorism and may therefore be the first work of fiction related to the current pandemic.

A multi-national group of five scientists discover an unusual influenza virus in an Adélie penguin colony in Antarctica and attempt to unravel the genetic code responsible for the unusual properties of the virus. The Russian mafia use this code to manipulate global stock markets by initiating equine, avian and swine influenza outbreaks. Al-Qaeda also acquire the code and plan a deadly bioterrorist attack on America.

The story follows the lives and interpersonal relationships of three Californian siblings – a female detective, a male research scientist, and their adopted brother, an infectious diseases specialist – across Russia, Antarctica, Australia, California and Mexico. The trail of clues finally lead them to an isolated Siberian meteorological station where they solve the mystery of the bioterrorist attacks, but unexpectedly find mafia hostages connected to dark secrets from their past.



About the Author
Deo de Wit was born and schooled in Sydney, Australia and travelled to South Africa and England for medical specialist training. He is currently the Director of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at Gosford Hospital, NSW, Australia. He has published extensively in the scientific literature but this is his first work of fiction.



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