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Stepping through Grief by Mark C H McDowell

Stepping through Grief

by Mark C H McDowell

218 pages
How Hypnosis can help us through the grieving process.

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Category: Self Help:Grief
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About the Book
This book describes by way of case studies and frank explanation, how the grief experience works.

We will all, at some time in our life have to contemplate the loss of someone that we love. The way that we deal with that loss can often determine the way in which we construct, or perhaps, destruct the rest of our own lives. We can give in, we can stay angry, sad and fearful or we can move on.

Stepping Through Grief explains how it is that sometimes we fall into some of the more avoidable emotional entrapments of grief and more importantly, how we can escape. As the author is keen to point out, none of us are immune and that is why the book begins with Marks own experience of Grief.

Hypnosis is an invaluable tool in Marks work and within the book you will see how his clients overcome their fears and doubts while he works with them.

Mark treats clients, teaches students, and continues to write about the way in which we can interpret a great many of natural life situations in a more emotionally, and therefore, spiritually productive manner.

Marks other books include; Confidence and Crutches and due for publication in winter 2010, The Consequence of Abuse.


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About the Author
Mark has been working in the field of hypnosis for over twenty years,during that time he has helped clients overcome problems from agrophobia to zenophobia. The list is endless. through case studies and frank explanation, his books show how we can overcome any life problem that may present itself.



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