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HOMO SAPIENS: An Owner's Manual - Fourth Edition by Bruce Bibee

HOMO SAPIENS: An Owner's Manual - Fourth Edition

by Bruce Bibee

244 pages
A must read for anyone in recovery or wanting healthy relationships.

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Category: Self Help
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About the Book
This is a guide from birth to Enlightenment. It's not a workbook, nor really a self-help book. It's a high overview of the entire process from when you were born, through the rigors of childhood, young adulthood, maturity and spiritual awakening.

In the manual, the usual pitfalls we humans get into are highlighted and programs offered to get back on track. As such, this manual is the author's synthesis of many years of clinical practice, martial arts training, transpersonal psychology, and grounded in the world's spiritual traditions.

The format is simple and easy to follow. In fact, it's such an easy read that you will be fooled into thinking life itself is easy -- which, at a theoretical level, it actually is. As you finish the manual, you can look at the life that lies before you and not be intimidated anymore. You will have mileposts and markers to guide you, which was the whole point in writing this manual. The author wrote it for his clients and now is sharing with the world.



About the Author
A Boomer who never abandoned the Revolution, Bruce went on to earn a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, and a Master (8th degree black belt) in Kung Fu San Soo. A lifelong outdoorsman, he lives in Alaska, works as a counselor with the military, maintains a private practice working with sexual abuse recovery, and in the evenings teaches kung fu.



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