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How To Have Fun With History by Cathy Barrett (Heather Vallance

How To Have Fun With History

by Cathy Barrett (Heather Vallance

64 pages
Three simple principles to open the door to the past.

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Category: How To
About the Book
To work with the past means that you journey into the world to collect information. Information is alive. It has personality and power. It can trick you and lead you astray, but it also presents you with amazing glimpses into the past if you learn how to befriend and tame its wild nature.

In the same way that you do not go on a holiday without a little groundwork, you should not venture into the past without a little planning for your journey. How To Have Fun With History is the key to an effective itinerary. It shows you how to access sources, how to extract information and how to understand the real story from the past.

An explorer of the past must be like a miner who knows where the gold is hidden, the best way to take it out of the earth and what tools to use to do the job.

Assimilate the three simple principles in this book and you will be able to open a door into the past. All you need for the journey itself is a small information tool kit and a keg of determination.

Who benefits from reading How To Have Fun With History?

1. Home school parents and educators who want to add value to their lesson plans.
2. Students who want to take their studies that one step further.
3. Genealogists who want to make sense of their family histories.
4. Hobbyists who seek authenticity.
5. The generally curious who just want to know.



About the Author
Heather Vallance is a professional researcher and writer who lives in Ontario, Canada. She has a PhD in Communication Theory & Historiography from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, USA. Heather is the author of several books, including How To Be Information Literate published by Maskew Miller Longman.



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