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Dead Astronauts by Woodrow Wilson

Dead Astronauts

by Woodrow Wilson

174 pages
A lot can go wrong in a thousand years.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
If Moses had launched the Lost Tribe of Israel into space at Apollo speeds, they would be a quarter of a light year away today. They would still need another eighty thousand years to reach our nearest neighbor star.

If Moses could have launched them ten times as fast, they would be over half way there by now. Traveling a hundred times as fast as Apollo, the nearest star is still a millennium away. What if aliens from there tried to come here? A lot can go wrong in a thousand years.

An interstellar probe decelerates into earth orbit. Nothing happens. An astronaut team discovers why. Its crew died in transit. Exposed to whatever killed the aliens, can NASA let the explorers come home? Quarantined and running out of air, how can they survive?


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About the Author
Woodrow Wilson is a Caltech PhD with over thirty years experience in research and development for military and intelligence applications. He explored space and other exotic environments in the laboratory and the computer. Wilsonís work in military applications of space puts the science in this science fiction work Dead Astronauts.



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