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Circumstantial Evidence by Peter Schulman

Circumstantial Evidence

by Peter Schulman

380 pages
Lawyer convicts and defends homicides based on circumstantial evidence

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Category: Fiction:Mystery
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About the Book
Jonathan Smith is driven by a passion for justice.

After a brief stint in the crime lab straight from college, he became a policeman and quickly moved up to detective and then to Homicide. When he left the force he joined the District Attorney’s Office and became a top gun.

So why is he thinking about leaving the DA?

Why would the woman he just convicted of killing her husband want him to help overturn the conviction?

Will he throw away everything he has worked for rather than prosecute a homeless man for a homicide Jonathan is convinced he could not have committed?

Both cases are based on circumstantial evidence and the police have stopped looking for suspects and evidence. Will Jonathan’s skills suffice to ferret out the truth?

Jonathan’s personality won’t help. His mind often wanders during conversations. He procrastinates to the brink of crisis. But he is happy to follow orders - as long as he agrees with them. Even less comforting to his superiors, he’s rarely wrong.

No clues. No leads. No problem. Jonathan hopes.



About the Author
Peter Schulman is a model of consistency. He had six majors, three professions, nineteen employers (including himself three times), three wives and currently has four dogs. In his legal career he has been involved with criminals, divorce, support, custody, neighbor feuds and fiduciary taxation - all the fun stuff.



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