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The God Virus by Stephen P. Goecke

The God Virus

by Stephen P. Goecke

298 pages
The God Virus—where religion and science infect each other.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
An archeology student and a Jesuit priest set out for Egypt to locate a mysterious black powder described in an ancient Gnostic document. They believe this mysterious black powder might be the missing link between God and Man, and contain the power to turn men into gods. But the Catholic Church and Israeli spies have other plans. Will this mysterious black powder—the God Virus—save the planet? Or destroy it.

Follow Maria and Philippe as they uncover a monumental secret that stretches back over three thousand years into antiquity. As they dig deeper into the origins of the mysterious black powder, they discover how it powerfully shaped the beginning of the Catholic Church, and how it now poses a dire threat to the Church's continued existence, as well as the entire world's.

If speculative history, adventure, conspiracy theories, spirituality, and hard science interest you, The God Virus offers all that and more. Ever wondered if there's a scientific explanation behind virgin birth stories? Or if life on Earth originally came from outer space? Or if your DNA contains superhuman potential? If so, then read The God Virus.


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About the Author
Stephen P. Goecke Steve Goecke is a first-time author living near Minneapolis, Minnesota. He's working on his second novel, a techno-thriller, due out in 2011.



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