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The ESL Teachersí Workshop Modules by Theresa Nahim

The ESL Teachersí Workshop Modules

by Theresa Nahim

226 pages
Practical, comprehensible ESL workshops centered on the adult ELL learner.

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Category: Education
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About the Book
The ESL Teachersí Workshop Modules are a compendium of teacher presentations and student handouts that speak to the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed by effective ESL teachers. Written in simple, understandable language, the seven modules include teaching the adult learner, second language acquisition, lesson planning, listening and speaking, reading, writing, and pronunciation. Focal points encompass the need to keep lessons relevant to studentsí lives, build on prior knowledge and experience, vary activities, integrate skills, and have fun, fun, fun!



About the Author
Theresa Nahim is an ESL teacher, teacher trainer, avowed bookaholic and classic movie buff. She has taught in adult education centers, community colleges, universities, libraries, cafeterias, living rooms, coffee shops and church basements. An Adult Literacy Instructor, she holds a Masterís degree in Applied Linguistics.



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