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Bridging Species: Thoughts and Tales About Our Lives with Dogs by Robyn Fritz

Bridging Species: Thoughts and Tales About Our Lives with Dogs

by Robyn Fritz

162 pages
Thoughts and tales about creating families with dogs (and cats).

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Category: Entertainment
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About the Book
Are your dogs (and cats) family members, not just pets? Then you're bridging species and creating multi-species families. But why? How do we respect, yet transcend, species? What are the mystical, cultural, practical, and comic ramifications for our busy lives and communities?

In wry thought-provoking essays and comic stories an acclaimed writer explores new ways of thinking about the human-animal bond. As she re-imagines our relationships with animals and nature she traces the creation of her own multi-species family: the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Murphy and Alki and Grace the Cat. Together they build a full, authentic life--one challenging idea, one leap of love, one good joke at a time.

Many of us daily wonder why we live with animals--and know we wouldn't live without them. But when we start thinking about animal souls, consciousness, rights, responsibilities, and simply getting along with them, we're suddenly propelled into a whole new world. Who sleeps where, who eats what, and who goes on a walk or sits on a windowsill becomes a bit more complex when we consider our animal companions' feelings--and attitudes.

What do compassion, love, mysticism, culture, behavior, good humor, and even what species we are have to do with living in harmony with all life? Does choosing to live with animals as family members make our lives with them better, or just too complicated? Can you have fun and a life with animals?

Here is a gift book for animal lovers, mystical and cultural thinkers--anyone who enjoys provocative thinking and fun stories about animals.



About the Author
Robyn M Fritz is a writer, intuitive communicator, developmental editor, and writing coach. She challenges mindset with storytelling. She tells her stories, helps committed writers tell theirs, and helps beings we didn't know had stories tell theirs, too.



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