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GOD'S SECRETS REVEALED: The War in Heaven Continues on Earth by Cynthia Anne Dahm

GOD'S SECRETS REVEALED: The War in Heaven Continues on Earth

by Cynthia Anne Dahm

286 pages
God's new personal message of hope for these last days.

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About the Book
Will America suffer the same fate as Atlantis?

Atlantis was God’s first large province created after Lucifer was cast from heaven, but not before the ultimate fallen angel, renamed Satan, rebelled, causing untold chaos, death and destruction in the universe. Eventually, the devil’s hatred of God’s creation, law and order carried over into this world to such an extreme, only God Himself could intervene. It came in the form of a “pole shift”; the great Cataclysm that sank Atlantis, killing millions and sending the fallen angels or “dark lights” scattering.

But God knew history would repeat itself as our world is once again experiencing the devastating effects of when man doesn’t learn from his mistakes; as greed, corruption and abuse of power relentlessly continues. The turmoil on earth has always been a Spiritual War between the Forces of Good and Evil that began in the cosmos.

Earth was created as a “schoolhouse” to provide lessons for those who lost their physical bodies but not their souls, in the great Universal Battle, due to Satan’s deception. This battle will be permitted to play out according to Bible prophecy, wherein ones will again be given the chance to choose whose side they’re on, Christ or the devil.

When global order deteriorates, especially in America, to the point of no return as is happening now, God will need to directly intervene again just as He did before in the antediluvian era, by bringing Judgment in the form of another pole shift.

Meanwhile, Satan, knowing his time is short, is working overtime to take as many souls with him to eternal damnation, doing so through earthly minions, those who’ve sold out and are doing his bidding. The Mark of the Beast of Rev. 13 is destined to become the devil’s greatest tool to make this happen. And it’s just around the corner.

This book shares some of God’s best kept secrets such as an elaborate account of the War in Heaven and how it affects everyone; also the Levels Planet System, why Earth was created and how it’s actually an extension of God’s mercy, the truth of past lives, benevolent human-looking beings from other planets and living spacecraft, the lost continent of Atlantis and how it parallels with America, soul mates or the “marriage made in heaven,” who guides and missioned beings are and much more.

But its greatest purpose is to warn and help people prepare for the future so all can make the right choice for God and live forever, not only on a purified earth, but also within the realms of our original homeland, the place where everyone’s from, the universe.



About the Author
Cynthia Anne Dahm Cynthia chose, before she was born, to be a messenger through which our Creator could present explanations to some of His divine secrets and mysteries that have been hidden on purpose for ages. She was a teacher of God’s laws in the temples of Atlantis come back to teach again.



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