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Transmigration by Máirtín MaC Eirne


by Máirtín MaC Eirne

416 pages
The Reaper is out for his pound of flesh.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Knowledge, equals power.

How easy would it be to take another persons life, if one knew, what the Reaper knows? What would you do, if you knew that when you died, you would be reborn into a new body?

The Reaper knows.

There has been a gruesome double murder committed by the hands of the Reaper, on the back streets of Dublin. Detective Andrew Young has been drafted in to investigate. He quickly paints a picture as to what he thinks may have happened. However, soon afterwards, a man called Joshua Miller approaches Andrew, and just as quick, Andrews’ theory is blown clean out of the water. Andrew must now choose whether to believe Joshua Miller or not–a decision that will test his own beliefs in both life and religion.

Joshua Miller has been transmigrating through time–as Algirdas and Franco Pouvoir– chasing the Reaper, and trying to stop him killing, but without success.

Together, Andrew and Joshua chase the Reaper to Spain and kill him. However, the Reaper is not defeated. He returns, and reveals that his big plan has worked. The Reaper is out for his pound of flesh. No one can stop him from getting it.



About the Author
Máirtín MaC Eirne is 29 years of age and is from Delvin, a small village, in the midlands, in Ireland. He took an interest in reading and writing at a young age, which eventually lead him to writing, Transmigration.



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