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Procrastination - 15 Strategies To Overcome Procrastination Today! by Michala Storm

Procrastination - 15 Strategies To Overcome Procrastination Today!

by Michala Storm

99 pages
Help to overcome procrastination, fun-to-read, life-changing.

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About the Book
Imagine what it would be like to live a procrastination-free life! This is the book that will finally show you how to overcome procrastination today. With 15 easy to apply strategies, this fun-to-read book not only helps you overcome procrastination it will also go deep and could be life-changing. It will change your relationship to procrastination forever. This is an interactive book with several coaching exercises that will help you get started on your road to a procrastination-free life right away. You will recognize what procrastination is costing you and get motivated to step up and take action. Be that cleaning out your clutter, taking care of your e-mails, finishing old projects, getting fit and healthy, learning new skills or making the connection to socialize.

This book will also introduce you to “mindful procrastination” which is the times when procrastination actually works for you. This book is not a hardcore management book to get you to work harder or to sacrifice on your beliefs. Rather it is about helping you to explore procrastination and to sharpen your senses so that you will be able to achieve what you truly want for your life.

Overcoming procrastination is not only about getting the tasks ahead of us done – it is as much about the joy of building happy and healthy relationships as well as having a healthy lifestyle. You will be able to apply lots of great tips in the relationship area as well. This book has a section on procrastination and relationships as well as a section on procrastination and a single life so that you can benefit whether you are in a relationship or not.

As a special benefit you will also gain real life advice and inspiration from the expert interviews with Marcia Wieder and Michelle Schubnel who, among other successful entrepreneurs, have generously shared their every day, down to earth, “best practice” strategies to help you overcome procrastination. These experts all share a different take on how to deal with procrastination so there will be something for everyone to choose from.

This book is written on a three months Working-Holiday-Adventure when the author, Michala Storm, traveled in California in 2009. Michala talked with people of all ranges of life about procrastination: Fellow travelers, successful business people, stay at home moms and dads, students, bartenders and retired people. Everyone related to the subject of procrastination with recognition; they smiled and they laughed.

In other words, procrastination is something that we are all affected by. The road to a procrastination-free life is about recognizing this challenge and to find a strategy that works exactly right for you. It is very important to keep an open mind and to be willing to explore different strategies. Depending on circumstances and personality, you may want to change strategy from time to time. With this book you will get a tool that helps you to do just that.



About the Author
Michala Storm is a Danish Freelance Writer and certified Relationship Coach. She lives in a small beach town, north of Copenhagen, near Hamlets Castle. Michala’s focus topic is “Procrastination”. She provides simple, doable strategies that everyone can apply to make their "Some Day" today and create tangible result in their (relationship)life.



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