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How To Do Accounting II by James Foote

How To Do Accounting II

by James Foote

187 pages
Accounting and Bookkeeping II text with student working papers and solutions.

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About the Book
How to Do Accounting II includes: student text, student working papers and solutions.

How to Do Accounting II can be used for a 6 – 12 week class. It is designed to follow the material in How to do Accounting I which has chapters 1 thru 9. How to Do Accounting II which has chapters 10 – 18 can be used to supplement a current accounting text. Since the working papers and instructor solutions are included, it can be used as an aid to tutor students or can be used by an individual to become acquainted with basic accrual accounting principles for used assets, depreciation of fixed assets and liabilities.

The nine chapters include: 10) Recording liability of Employee taxes, 11) Recording Employer’s Payroll Tax Expense, 12) Purchases and Sales Discount, 13) Purchases and Sales Adjustments, 14) Determining Inventory Value LIFO/FIFO, 15) Methods of Depreciation for Fixed Assets, 16) Determining Accrued Assets and Liabilities, 17) Recording Sales Taxes and Credit Card Sales, 18) Capital Section of Partnership and Corporation.


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About the Author
The author has worked as a college administrator and as an instructor in high school, junior college, college and adult education. During his time teaching Principles of Accounting I & II at these various levels, he developed this material to explain the basics of depreciation and other expenses of a business.



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