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Mommy Leadership: How to Use Your Motherhood Experience to Grow as a Leader by Stephanie Williams

Mommy Leadership: How to Use Your Motherhood Experience to Grow as a Leader

by Stephanie Williams

144 pages
Learn to apply skills from motherhood to professional leadership roles.

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About the Book
Whether you are a mom who leads the local PTA or a multi-million dollar organization, you likely practice skills in motherhood that are also valuable in the workplace. Motherhood and leadership are inextricably linked, and motherhood is one of the most important leadership roles you play. So many of the skills and behaviors mothers practice while raising their children can be used by women in professional leadership roles to yield maximum results. Mommy Leadership is for any mother who strives to become the best leader she can be in every area of her life. This book is filled with empowering and practical messages that not only inform but inspire the would-be Mommy Leader.

The Mommy Leadership Method guides you through the process of understanding the alignment between motherhood and leadership; identifying leadership skills, behaviors, and best practices you have perfected in motherhood; adapting those same abilities to professional environments for improved leadership performance; and celebrating your role as a mother and how it enriches you as a leader.

Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and motivated to become a better leader by using the skills you already possess!



About the Author
Stephanie Williams is a certified trainer and business professional with an MBA in Marketing and 20 years of experience in corporate America where she has extensive experience in leading teams, project management, and organizational processes. She is a devoted wife and mother of two.



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