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A Summer Collection by Rebecca J Vickery

A Summer Collection

by Rebecca J Vickery

107 pages
Five sweet to sensual romance stories from five talented authors.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
A romance anthology containing five sweet to sensual romance tales for those who enjoy summer loving. The stories include:

The Far Side of Lonesome by Rita Hestand
Widowed by her white husband, captured by the Indians and rescued by two black men, Sarah's fate was more unsettled than ever. Would her white family accept her back into their lives? Or would she remain on the far side of lonesome forever?

Over the Coals by Laurean Brooks
A summer cookout makes Jill Landers question her initial assessment of the boisterous Rob Canter. Is the cocky womanizer the true Rob? Or is this man masking a dark secret? Will Jill be prepared for what she uncovers?

To Make the Magic Last by Cheryl Pierson
Steve and Christy meet amid gunfire and tornado sirens in an apartment building in Oklahoma. He's injured and she's terrified. A magical attraction draws them close even as the building collapses around them and the gunmen find them. Will Steve and Christy have what it takes to help each other through this? Can they make the magic last?

Chances Are by Laura Shinn
Katie and her son, Byron, are weeks away from moving on to the next destination while running away. Sheriff Trent Stiller is instantly taken with the beautiful and intelligent waitress in Little, Texas, and convinces her to give them a chance. Will he still feel the same way when he discovers what she did to her ex-husband and why she and Byron are on the run?

The Trouble with Fishing by Rebecca J. Vickery
Surprised with a free trip, Lena would usually enjoy spending time with her boyfriend. But hiking and fishing? Not for this city girl. Then Walker, the fishing guide, takes one look at Lena and knows he’s in deep trouble. Does she feel the same spark and what about the man she came with?


Rating: 5 Romance is the key ingredient in each short story with each author writing something different. I liked all of the stories and find it hard to make comparisons or pick a favorite. Each tale is uniquely different from the others and each one is good for that type of story. From western to contemporary to suspense, there's something for every reader. I gave a sigh of satisfaction after I read each story in A Summer Collection. If you like happy ever after endings about true love, you’ll enjoy reading the stories in A Summer Collection.
- Diane Craver



About the Author
Authors Rita Hestand, Laurean Brooks, Cheryl Pierson, Laura Shinn, and Rebecca J. Vickery bring their variety of talents together to create a summer anthology of romance.



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