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The Horse That Wouldn't Trot: A Life with Tennessee Walking Horses, Lessons Learned, and Memories Shared by Rose Miller

The Horse That Wouldn't Trot: A Life with Tennessee Walking Horses, Lessons Learned, and Memories Shared

by Rose Miller

240 pages
Poignant horse/human relationship stories shared by a noted horsewoman.

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Category: Animals:Horses
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About the Book
Rose Miller has written a beautiful book that will appeal to all horse and animal lovers. It is based on her excellent knowledge of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed, gained from over 35 years of experiences with these glorious animals. Millerís story will make you feel her deep emotional attachment to her horses and will explain why sometimes it is necessary to consider the horse and not your personal feelings. It will also introduce you to the mistreatment of many of the Tennessee Walker show horses and what is being done to halt this abuse. You will smile and you will cry along with Rose as she takes you along on her journey.

Many of us are horse lovers, and most first became attracted to horses when we were small children. Such is the story of Rose Miller. Horses are her lifelong addiction. She owned horses of different breeds in the search for her perfect horse and then, in one ride, found her true loveóthe Tennessee Walking Horse, a horse that doesnít trot. The old adage, Ride one today, buy one tomorrow, proved to be true as Miller rode and then bought her first Tennessee Walking Horse.

She shares her destiny with these captivating horses, relates some of their fascinating history and tells about breeding, training, riding and showing these magnificent animals. She shares moments of wonderment at the birth of a foal, sorrow for losses that come with breeding and owning horses, challenges that come with training, victories and disappointments that come with showing, and the fascinating personalities of the special ones. Animal communication via mental telepathy was introduced into Roseís life by a friend. She quickly learned that thinking of your animals as beings that can communicate, completely changes your perspective on animal stewardship.

You will ride with Rose thru her journey to save Tennessee Walkers from owners and trainers who developed and used inhumane methods called soring to artificially alter the gaits of Tennessee Walking Horses in order to produce exaggerated movement that spectators found so exciting. Rose is very concerned with ending this abuse and in telling her personal story seeks to show the plight of these animals.

See Roseís special love for two talented stallions: Xanadu, a perfect gentleman who completed his National Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitorís Supreme Versatility Championship by competing on the Indiana and Michigan Hunter/Jumper circuit, and Praise Hallelujah, an awesomely talented World Champion show horse. These two stallions define two distinct eras in Roseís life in the Tennessee Walking Horse world.

Rose Millerís love of God and family are very evident in her book. Her life has been full of extremes. Come with her on a sometimes joyous, sometimes devastating, journey with children, horses and other factors that have influenced her life and her belief that God has a Plan for each of us. Getting to know Rose, her family, her horses and her friends will be an experience you will never forget.


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About the Author
Rose Miller resides in northern Indiana with her husband on their farm. She has been associated with horses for over 35 years. Retired from showing horses in 2006, she now writes moving stories about her equine and animal experiences. She is the mother of 4 children and has 2 granddaughters



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