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POWER OF A WOMAN. Memoirs of a Turbulent Life: Eleanor of Aquitaine by Robert Fripp

POWER OF A WOMAN. Memoirs of a Turbulent Life: Eleanor of Aquitaine

by Robert Fripp

398 pages
Medieval Europe's Eleanor of Aquitaine recounts her extraordinary life.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Eleanor of Aquitaine, medieval Europe's most astonishing woman, recalls wars, intrigues, her crusade and ruthless diplomacy while confessing her loves, her hopes for her children, and their fates. POWER OF A WOMAN is Eleanor's memoir of her marriages to two warring kings, Louis VII of France, followed by Henry II of England, in one of history's most tumultuous periods. Eleanor's memoirs bring the age of troubadours alive.

Eleanor was queen of France for fifteen years. For the next 34 years she was queen of England and empress of the Angevin Empire, a vast tract stretching from the Scottish borders to the Pyrenees.

In POWER OF A WOMAN, Eleanor describes her glamorous, difficult, awkward, argumentative life, a life she played to win. In the end she can sum up her triumphs and tragedies: "How fortunate I was for a few years in my husbands: the monk, and the young bull in spring. Whether they would or no, they placed me on a promontory against which tides of time have crashed and fallen back. They left me worn, these men and their tides, but they did not level me. Only the throb and pulse of time and events have done that." POWER OF A WOMAN delivers a memoir worthy of the life.



About the Author
Robert Fripp grew up in England, winning a choral scholarship at nine and spending five years in Salisbury Cathedral's choir, good training for writing about Eleanor of Aquitaine's gothic twelfth century! In later life, Fripp worked in informational television, journalism and magazine production before writing several books.



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