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Busting Free From The Diet Game by Liz Underhill

Busting Free From The Diet Game

by Liz Underhill

98 pages
Diet Freedom! A 12-week self-help guide designed to change your eating patterns forever.

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Category: Health:Weight Loss
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About the Book
Here at last is the solution you have been looking for. NO MORE DIETS. A proven, effective program for weight loss, and what’s more important, a chance to regain your sanity by Busting Free From The Diet Game

This twelve-week program will help you seek out the reasons for your overeating, and teach you different life-long techniques for permanent weight loss. You will learn to enjoy the highs from living, instead of the lows from existing in the food fog.

You will learn to recognize mood and food triggers that cause you to overeat

You will WIN with our program, BUILD self-awareness, GIVE NEW LIFE TO a healthy self-image, and REGAIN YOUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE by making over eating a thing of the past.



About the Author
Liz has been overweight, obese, fat, plump, chubby, blimpish, and yes, even had cute baby fat. You name the diet; she has been there done that, and was still doing that until she admitted she was out of control, and the 12-week, no-dieting program was born.



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