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Scarlet's Garden: The Visit by Penny Taylor

Scarlet's Garden: The Visit

by Penny Taylor

112 pages
Did her cat go to Heaven? Whitney must find out.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
God has placed the question of eternity in our minds. What is the one thing that children ask when their beloved pet passes away? Will my pet go to Heaven?

When Whitney's cat dies it hurts more- tons more- than it did when she got hit so hard in the chest by a basketball the breath was knocked right out of her and she had to sit out for the rest of the game. To make matters worst, her grandmother keeps mumbling about faith but can't stop crying long enough to explain what she means. It's just too weird when old people cry, so Whitney figures the only thing that will make the two of them feel better is to find out if Scarlet went to Heaven- then no one would have to be sad any more. Whitney knows the library is the place to go for answers to practically anything, but she doesn't want to run into creepy Mr. Richards who hangs out there all the time and is up to something no good. A few prayers might help the situation- she'd tried it in the past and nothing much had happened- but she's willing to give it another shot. Things really get complicated when God's answer interrupts her own plans with one of His own...

Scarlet's Garden: The Visit is a heart-warming tale which uses real life inspired characters along with scriptures from God's Word to offer hope to readers who eagerly look forward to seeing their pets again. It offers a fresh look at good overcoming evil, the power of forgiveness, and the abundant blessings resulting from waiting on God's perfect timing.



About the Author
Penny Taylor is a Florida licensed Psychotherapist. Part of her practice is devoted to treating children and family issues and she specializes in grief therapy. She is the mother of three children and a pet lover.



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