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Comprehensive, Constitutional Health Care Reform by Cassandra Nathan

Comprehensive, Constitutional Health Care Reform

by Cassandra Nathan

113 pages
Comprehensive health care reform providing private insurance for all Americans.

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Category: Health:Medicine:Insurance
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About the Book
Comprehensive, Constitutional plan ends unconstitutional federal government health care programs and replaces them with affordable, comprehensive private insurance option. The most vulnerable in society will have more choices and more affordable care than now, but it will cost the taxpayer less. Health care providers will be freed from onerous, unnecessary regulations and will be in charge of the care they deliver.

A model insurance plan which covers all medical needs will be offered by some private insurance companies because of the potential market share and the economic protections they are offered. People will be able to access and compare assorted private insurance offerings, all of which may be sold across state lines. If they feel they need economic help in obtaining a policy, they will select a model plan by any company they choose, complete a standardized means testing form, and if they qualify for some assistance, the health care insurance company will receive a tax credit for the shortfall between the person's premium and what he can afford to pay. If the company is owed more in such credits than the taxes it would have to pay, then it will receive a check from the federal government.

If the person doesn't like the model plan, he may change insurers at will. There are no more concerns about pre-existing conditions, or caps on necessary procedures, or referrals. There are deductibles and limits on annual payouts by the insurers. Riders may be purchased to change the deductible or payout cap.

All providers (including dentists and eye doctors) will be listed in a state medical database. Their services and the fee for those services which they decide upon, will be listed. Insurance policies will be in plain English and the base model at least will list covered services and the amount they will cover so patients always know what their financial responsibility is.

Health care providers may choose to demand payment at the time of service, or work out a payment plan. They are not forced to wait for the insurance to reimburse them. They may also lower or write off charges for any patients they choose. There are no referrals or insurance hoops to jump through.

Sensible tort reform and the elimination of federal government regulations will save substantial sums of money.

Competition among providers and insurers and removal of barriers to new delivery systems will reduce costs.

This transitional plan also creates more doctors and nurses and gives a tax break to Primary Care Physicians.

Social Security is saved for those on it or who will be in the next decade; others are provided for by having their own private savings instead of wasted FICA taxes.

Within 20-30 years, this decreased level of governmental involvement even should disappear as it will no longer be needed. The real America will be restored where people are responsible for themselves and the federal government protects citizens, not micromanages us. The free market IS the answer. Constitutional government guarantees that freedom for all.


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About the Author
Cassandra Nathan has studied and worked in the health care field, including serving as a caretaker for family. She's studied the issues involved for decades as well as economics and US history and arrived at this comprehensive solution.



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