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CAN YOU TURN IT OFF? A Diary of Psychic Awakening by Derek Calibre

CAN YOU TURN IT OFF? A Diary of Psychic Awakening

by Derek Calibre

274 pages
An entertaining and insightful reference point for your psychic development.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology
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About the Book
Have you ever wondered if you have an untapped psychic ability? Occasionally, it reveals itself to you: You get confirmation of a feeling you've had about something; An idea strikes you— and then someone else expresses it; You keep seeing the same number all the time.

This book not only illustrates how your psychic mind would reveal itself to you, it shows what the psychic mind is capable of doing. It's a fun story that reveals secret techniques you can employ to draw out your own natural psychic ability. The stories cleverly suggest how you can interpret a coincidence, or translate a dream into something meaningful.

Whether you’ve never considered yourself a psychic, or regularly practice tapping into your sixth sense, you’ll find these stories of Derek Calibre's psychic awakening to be whimsical, humorous and insightful.

Derek opens the doors to his process when performing a psychic reading. He explores questions about the psychic mind, and demonstrates how you might glean hidden messages from your own experiences with coincidences, dreams and deja vu. The book will leave you feeling inspired, empowered to open up to your own psychic mind.

As you read Derek’s story, look for a subtle magic to be taking place. By simply imbuing yourself in the atmosphere of a psychic’s unfolding, you might just experience your own curious coincidences. Study them, and they will take you on an exciting and rewarding journey; a journey toward a new dream of life.



About the Author
Derek Calibre Derek Calibre has worked as a professional psychic since 2004 in New York, Tokyo and Honolulu. He has been featured on CNN, NBC News 8's Psychic Hawaii, and Comcast, where he hosted a show called Psychic Workshop on Video On Demand. Derek lives and works in Manhattan.



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